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25 OCT - 3 NOV 2019

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Where to Watch the FNB Wines2Whales

23 October 18

The FNB Wines2Whales will be more spectator friendly than ever in 2018. Each stage boasts official spectator points, where mountain biking fans will be able to watch the riders pedal by; while relaxing over a coffee, a glass of wine and even a snack. So take note of where you can watch from…

25 October, 28 October and 1 November

The Coffee Roasting Company
While the riders are picking up their race numbers and FNB Wines2Whales registration packs why not drop by the Coffee Roasting Company, on Lourensford Wine Estate. For the duration of the race, the popular Cyclist Special will be available to all riders. This is a coffee and choc chip croissant or choc chip cookie; which can be enjoyed under the trees in the beautiful gardens at the roastery. Meet a few fellow spectators, who you will no doubt be travelling in convoy with for the next three days and get into the mountain bike stage race swing of things. Remember to also stock up on beans for the month… we know how coffee hungry a mountain biking household can be.

Stage 1
26 October, 29 October and 2 November

Idiom Wines - Spectator Point 1
Riding Distance: 32km
Traveling Time: 30 Minutes from Lourensford Wine Estate
Location: Sir Lowrys Pass, Knorhoek Estate entrance
GPS: 34°10'39.0”S 18°94'12.1”E | Google Maps

First Riders Expected
Chardonnay: 08:40
Pinotage: 08:45
Shiraz: 08:25

With its famous fynbos garden and beautiful glass fronted restaurant, Idiom Wines provides the perfect first spectator point for the 2018 FNB Wines2Whales. If the notoriously fickle W2W weather plays along the place to be will undoubtedly be on the terrace in Idiom’s Terrazza; with its panoramic views of the mountains the riders will need to summit and the vineyards from which their award winning wines originate.

Elgin Grabouw Country Club - Spectator Point 2
Riding Distance: 50km
Traveling Time: 1 hour, due to Road Works, from Idiom Wines
Location: 26 Worcester Street, Grabouw
GPS: 34°07'42.2"S 19°01'24.7"E | Google Maps

First Riders Expected
Chardonnay: 09:15
Pinotage: 09:15
Shiraz: 09:00

On the banks of the Eikenhof Dam, the Elgin Grabouw Country Club is located at the exit of the A2Z trails so the riders will be in high spirits when they reach Spectator Point 2. The Country Club boasts a restaurant, so fans will be able to grab a coffee or a meal while they wait for their favourite riders to summit the Gantouw Pass and make their way through the great trails.

Oak Valley Estate - Finish Line
Riding Distance: 69km
Traveling Time: 30 minutes from Idiom Wines
Location: 127 Oak Avenue, Grabouw
GPS: S34° 09.251' E19° 03.600' | Google Maps

Winners Expected
Chardonnay: 10:00
Pinotage: 10:00
Shiraz: 09:30

Oak Valley lies in the heart of the Elgin Valley, renowned for its apples and pears, its greenhouse cut-flowers, and, for the production of its outstanding cool climate wines. It has been home to the FNB Wines2Whales Race Village for many years and will see some exciting racing being the finish line for Stage 1

Stage 2
27 October, 30 October and 3 November

Paul Cluver Amphitheatre - Spectator Point 1
Riding Distance: 35km
Traveling Time: 20 Minutes from Oak Valley
Location: Paul Cluver Estate Wines, N2, Kromco Turn off
GPS: 34°10'02.8"S 19°05'24.6"E | Google Maps

First Riders Expected
Chardonnay: 08:30
Pinotage: 08:30
Shiraz: 08:05

While the riders race through the bridges of the Paul Cluver Bike Park fans can gather at the Amphitheatre to cheer them along. With the leaders expected through well before 9am it’ll be a case of cappuccinos while you watch. After cheering on your team make a stop at the Paul Cluver Tasting Room, which lies between the Amphitheatre and the farm’s exit. It opens at 10am, so you could stop to purchase a bottle of their world class cool-climate wine, to accompany dinner that evening, before heading to Spectator Point 2 at the Hickory Shack.

Hickory Shack - Spectator Point 2
Riding Distance: 52km
Traveling Time: 15 Minutes from Paul Cluver
Location: Thandi Estate, off the N2
GPS: 34°11'07.7"S 19°05'52.1"E | Google Maps

First Riders Expected
Chardonnay: 09:20
Pinotage: 09:15
Shiraz: 09:00

Depending on who you’re following the Hickory Shack is the perfect spot for lunch on Day 2 of FNB Wines2Whales. Boasting a menu inspired by the American South and a mouth-watering array of smoked dishes, like pulled pork and beef brisket. If you are rushing after one of the leading teams; don’t stress they also do breakfasts – so you can enjoy a brunch once your cheerleading duties are done.

Oak Valley Estate - Finish Line
Riding Distance: 66km
Traveling Time: 19 minutes from the Hickory Shack
Location: 127 Oak Avenue, Grabouw
GPS: S34° 09.251' E19° 03.600' | Google Maps

Winners Expected
Chardonnay: 09:50
Pinotage: 09:50
Shiraz: 09:20

Oak Valley Estate sees riders come home after Stage 2, welcoming them to the race village for the second night. Riders and spectators alike can enjoy the many offerings like the CBC Chill Zone, Spur’s famous burgers and the vibe as the winners roll across the finish line each day.

Stage 3
28 October, 31 October and 4 November

Botrivier Primary School - Spectator Point 1
Riding Distance: 24km
Traveling Time: 30 Minutes from Oak Valley
Location: 7 Park Street, Bot River
GPS: 34°13'54.9"S 19°11'48.8"E | Google Maps

First Riders Expected
Chardonnay: 08:00
Pinotage: 08:00
Shiraz: 07:45

Tying in with FNB Wine2Whales’ Crèche Initiative the spectator point at Botrivier Primary School provides fans and riders alike with the opportunity to see first-hand the needs of the communities and the fruits of the charitable labours. The race supports five crèches in Bot River, including Khulani Daycare Centre, Lucky Point Crèche, Angels United Crèche, ABC/123 Crèche and the Kammaland Crèche, along with the Thandi Community Crèche in Elgin. If your visit to Botrivier Primary School inspires you to help more, you can find out exactly what you can do by emailing entries@wines2whales.com.

Plaaskombuis - Spectator Point 2
Riding Distance: 58km
Traveling Time: 35 Minutes from Botrivier Primary School
Location: R320, Hemel en Aarde Valley, Hermanus
GPS: 34°22'49.0"S 19°14'14.9"E | Google Maps

First Riders Expected
Chardonnay: 09:35
Pinotage: 09:35
Shiraz: 09:05

The last chance to see your favourites before they roll across the finish line at the Marine Hotel, in Hermanus, is the Plaaskombuis. Situated in the Hemel en Aarde Valley it is one of the mainstays of the FNB Wines2Whales experience for the riders – and now for the fans too. If you arrive early to spot the leaders grab a coffee and if you’re waiting for a slower team they’ll be time for a light snack even. So make the most of their famous farm-style menu.

The Marine Hotel - Finish Line
Riding Distance: 72km
Traveling Time: 20 Minutes from the Plaaskombuis
Location: Marine Drive, Hermanus
GPS: 34°25'05.0"S 19°14'41.1"E | Google Maps

Winners Expected
Chardonnay: 09:50
Pinotage: 09:50
Shiraz: 09:30

If you are following a leading team you will have to leave the Plaaskombuis as soon as they pass through the final water point in order to beat them to the finish line on the cliff-tops of Hermanus. For other supporters the drive into Hermanus can be a more leisurely one, so soak up the town’s relaxed atmosphere before strolling down to the Marine Hotel to welcome home your heroes.



Race Office:
+27 21 422 0331